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Best SEO Strategies for a Company in 2012

The search engine optimization world is changing. The SEO landscape of 2012, aka post the Google Panda update looks a whole lot different than even that of 2011.

In recent years, Google and other search engines have made additional updates to the search results like the local 10 pack, giving increased visibility and higher rankings to local businesses with a map type listing. Google has also rolled out Google Instant, that suggests, and loads search queries and results before the search engine user even finishes typing. This is a radical shift in how a search engine behaves, but also quite logical. It saves the user time, and helps suggest relevant, and industry specific key words.

The good news for a lot of SEO companies, is there are a number of tried and true search engine optimization tactics that continue to be important. Let’s take a look at three of the best SEO strategies your company should be executing in 2012, and beyond.

Three Best SEO Strategies for Companies

The best SEO strategy in the world starts with real content from your company.
Focus on quality content, and building a true online asset. While article spinning and poorly written articles used to work well to rank your website, they are quickly becoming less and less effective. This trend should propagate in the months and years ahead. If you are going to beat your competition by indexing more pages of content, it is a waste of your time and efforts to use shoddy articles with poor grammar or unrealistic sentences.

SEO backlinks are the best and most effective when they are high quality.
The truth is, link farms and low quality directories don’t work as well as they used to. Search engines have a vast number of relevancy factors associated with backlink quality, in an effort to clean up their search results. And it is working. Instead of buying or trading for low quality, spammy links, it is very well worth the time and effort to go after high quality, anchor text optimized links from other websites in your industry.

SEO needs to revolve around social cues and trust building.
With so many options for consumers today, it is important to focus on building trust through a social presence for your company. Potential visitors to your website are going to take a quick sweeping glance, at best, across your company listing. Social cues, and more robust opportunities really help improve click through rates. Google is making it easier and easier for businesses to include social cues in the SERPs. Take advantage of this one, as your competitors surely are!
[Source: pointmediafirm.com]

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Katherine05 said...

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preeti said...

Yes true.. The best strategies is to have a high quality fresh content

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Kinneth said...

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Robert Nelson said...

If anyone want to improve online presence of his website he should work on these three strategies:-

1) Post Original Content
2) Build Quality Dofollow Links
3) Make your presence on Social Networking site.

These three strategies are King.

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Daryl Carver said...

@Robert, yes that is the top three strategy but sometimes you gotta do some extra effort to optimize your site. Thanks for posting the top 3 seo strategy.

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Marietta Nixon said...

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Susan Bransgore said...

These are the SEO Strategies of all time. Building quality backlinks with unique content is one of the best SEO strategy.
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